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St. Ronan’s Community Centre has been established for many years and provides accommodation for many local organisations and individuals. We work closely with the School and our user groups as a Community School. This means that the facilities of the school and the community centre can be booked using one system and payment structure. It also means that we will share many of our developments and improvements with joint objectives and aims.


To book a room at the centre, please complete the form below and email to: strycc.treasurer@gmail.com

Booking form: 00_St _Ronan’s_Comm_Sch_Booking_Form

Price List from 1 April 2020: StRYCC_Charges_April2020

St. Ronan’s Community Centre Committee

The committee is formed from representatives of user groups, the public, local organisations and the school and has support from the community learning and development department of SBC. The committee has management responsibilities for the community wing and works alongside the school to promote St. Ronan’s as a Community School.

Current committee members:

Chair: Renée Zais Vice Chair: Marjorie Robson Secretary: Mandy Durkin Treasurer: Cliff Balson

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