What’s On at St Ronan’s: 10th-19th December

Tickets still available for both Thursday performances. Ring 01896 830349 to book.
Show finish times will be sent by text.

Wed 10 Dec:
6.30pm Show 1 (P.1-7)

Thur 11 Dec:
1.30pm Show 2 (P.1-7)
6.30pm Show 3 (P.4-7 ONLY)
Please return orders for School Christmas Dinner by Thursday

Fri 12 Dec:
P.7 WW1 Trip to Melrose


Mon 15 Dec:
8.30-11.40am – One session for all Nursery Children. Parents attend Sing-a-long in Assembly Hall at 10.45am (please book seats at Nursery)
1.30pm P.1 Party *

Tue 16 Dec:
1.30pm P.2 Party *
P.5-7 Party (time already advertised)

Wed 17 Dec:
11.00am Christmas Service, Assembly Hall
1.30pm P.3, P.3/4 & P.4 Party *

Thur 18 Dec
School Christmas Dinner

Fri 19 Dec:
Last day of term
8.30-11.40am Party for ALL Nursery Children

* P.1-4 children can bring a change of clothes for their parties

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