Visions, Aims and Values



 St. Ronan’s is a school at the heart of the community where everyone is nurtured and inspired to achieve their full potential.

Our values guide the way that we work:

We are a community school with partnerships that support learning for all

  • We are honest, respectful and caring towards every member of our community
  • We nurture and inspire each other to be confident,healthy, safe and happy
  • We are ambitious for and include every child, family and member of staff
  • We challenge and support learners through excellent teaching and learning
  • We take responsibility to achieve our own goals
  • We are active and learn in lots of different ways
  • We are creative and resilient; always looking for better ways to learn and solve problems


We will achieve this vision by these aims:

  • Encourage all children to do their best, to realise their potential and recognise their individual skills and talents
  • Make sure that everyone feels included and has the opportunity to take part
  • Create an attractive, welcoming and secure environment in which all members of the school community are consulted, and feel valued and respected
  • Proudly represent our school, wherever we go, and contribute effectively within the local community
  • Make school fun and enjoyable for everyone


We believe we will achieve our aims and vision through:

  • Fairness
  • Setting high standards
  • Pride and friendliness
  • Openness and accountability
  • Care for our environment and the world around us