Our Staff

Management Team

Headteacher: Mrs C Elsey

Depute Headteachers: Miss J Lister, Mrs D Taylor

Principal Teachers: Miss L Menzies, Mrs T Rae, Mrs P Callaghan



Early Years Officers: Miss C Sykes, Miss S Kitching

Early Years Practioners: Mrs I Thomson, Mrs S Smith, Mrs S Notman, Miss N Raton, Miss S Carchrie, Mrs S Connelly, Miss C Thomson, Mrs A McMurdo, Miss L Finlayson, Miss E Anderson

Modern Apprentices: Miss D Leslie, Ms J Wang


Class Teachers

P1 Miss L Duncan and Miss L Menzies,
P1/2-Miss E Hughes,
P2-Mrs J Anderson,
P3- Mrs C Burton,
P3/4 Mrs J Hobbs and Mrs E McKinnon
P4/5-Mr S Low and Mrs P Callaghan
P5-Miss K Aitchison,
Mrs T Rae, Miss C Newbold, Mr D Cornwall


Curriculum Support Teachers

P.E: Mr D Paton

Music Teacher: Miss N Watt


Support for Learning

Support for learning teacher: Miss S Bean

Additional needs Assistants: Mrs I Thomson, Mrs S Smith, Mrs E Hardie, Mrs L Jones, Mr T Raeburn, Mr R Bell

Classroom Assistant: Mrs S Dobson

Breakfast Club: Mrs E Robertson, Mrs E Hardie

School Support Staff

School Assistants: Mrs S Huxley, Mrs C Lynass

Janitor: Mr W Irvine

Playground supervision: Mr M Rendle, Mrs E Hardie, Mrs S Dobson


Visiting Staff

Wellbeing and Inclusion Teacher: Mrs L Winton


After School Club

First Nursery


Kitchen and Cleaning Staff

Cook: Mrs M Povey

Assistant Cook: Mr E Knowles

Kitchen Assistants: Mrs S Heath, Mrs E Robertson

Cleaners: Ms O Mendes da Cunha

School Crossing Patrol:


Other Staff Associated with the School

Chaplain: Rev S Embleton

Educational Psychologist: Mr I Sargison

School Nurse: Mrs J Haley (Haylodge)

Occupational Therapist: (Haylodge)

Speech and Language Therapist: Mrs R Isherwood (Haylodge)

Health Visitor: J Laurie ( St Ronan’s Health Centre)