Our Staff

Management Team

Headteacher: Mr K. J. Belleville
Depute Headteacher: Miss J. Lister
Principal Teachers: Mrs A. Borthwick and Miss L. Menzies

Class Teachers

P.1A Mrs A. Rychel (Mon-Wed), Miss L. Duncan (Thu-Fri)
P.1L Miss L. Menzies (Mon/Tue/Thu/Fri) Miss L. Duncan (Wed)
P.2H Mrs H. Morris
P.2J Mrs J. Anderson
P.3 Miss K. Aitchison
P.3/4 Miss A. Hardie (Mon/Tue/Wed/Fri) Mrs T. Pickburn (Thu)
P.4 Mrs M. Martin
P.5 Mrs J. Hobbs (Tue-Fri) Mrs C. Scott (Mon)
P.5/6 Mrs E. McKinnon
P.6 Mr D. Cornwall
P.7 Mrs A. Bortwick (Mon/Tue/Wed/Fri) Miss H. Hamilton (Thu)

Nursery Class

Nursery Nurses Mrs C. Bell (Senior Nursery Nurse)
Mrs S. Connolly, Mrs N. Orr, and Mrs D. Sanderson
Mrs S. Huxley and Mrs I. Thomson

Support for Learning

Learning Support Teacher: Miss S. Bean
Behaviour Support Teachers: Mrs J. Williamson and Miss G. Bowie

Support Staff

Office Manager: Mr C. Balson
School Auxiliary: Mrs S. Huxley
Janitor: Mr W. Irvine
Classroom Assistant: Mrs S. Dobson
Additional Needs Assistant: Mrs E. Hardie
Additional Needs Assistant: Mrs I. Thomson
Additional Needs Assistant: Mrs S. Smith
Playground Supervisor: Mr M. Rendle
Breakfast Club: Mrs E. Hardie and Mrs E. Robertson

Curriculum Support Teachers

Physical Education: Mrs K. Ritchie (Mon – Thu)
Music: Mr V. Fleischfresser (Wed)
Art: Mrs I. Finnie (Tue - Thur)

Instrumental Instructor

Brass: Mr C. Kemp

Kitchen & Cleaning Staff

Manager: Mrs M. Povey
Cook: Mr E. Knowles
Kitchen Assistant: Mrs S. Heath
Kitchen Assistant: Mrs E. Robertson
Cleaner: Mrs L. Doherty
Cleaner: Ms O. Mendes da Cunha

Other Staff Associated With St. Ronan’s

Chaplains: Rev. Janice Faris & Rev. Jim Benton Evans
School Nurse:
Health Visitor: Mrs C. Price
Speech & Language Therapist: Mrs R. Isherwood
Educational Psychologist: post vacant

Current School Roll

P.1-P.7: 288
Nursery: 32 morning / 32 afternoon