Learning and Teaching

Learning and Teaching Agreement

At St. Ronan’s we are striving towards consistency in teaching and learning for all pupils.

To help achieve this, staff have developed a Learning and Teaching agreement which highlights what we are working towards in every classroom for every pupil. For a summary of this agreement please read L&T Agreement.

Closely linked to this, we are undertaking a number of initiatives to help implement the new Curriculum for Excellence. We don’t work in isolation and are part of the Tweeddale Learning Community.

Whole School Learning Contexts

Each session, there is at least one whole school ‘topic.’ This session we plan to study:

January 2013: Scots’ Language
February-March 2013: Local Study (Innerleithen)

Woodland Play

For the past year we have been working with national body, Grounds for Learning, to develop playtime in the School’s Woodland area.

The project involved repairing the paths network, installing new benches and play equipment then introducing the use of the woodland during lunchtime for classes in the middle/upper school. Through time, other classes will have the opportunity to play there after lunch.

You can find a full report of the initiative here Woodland play.