School Improvement

Every year, the school produces two key documents that guide our self-evaluation and next steps:

  • School Improvement Report (evaluation of last session’s work & proposed next steps)
  • School Improvement Plan (the plan of our improvement priorities for this session)

Full copies of these documents are available on request from the School Office.

This session, we have had a school review that helped us identify key strengths and priorities.  These are as follows:

Key Strengths

  • Highly motivated, engaging and well-behaved children
  • The innovation in the Early Years
  • The wider community partnerships
  • Warm, caring and nurturing staff
  • The contribution of the non-teaching staff towards the ethos of the school
  • The Senior Managenent Team’s (SMT) awareness of the strengths and areas for development in the school
  • The support afforded the SMT by staff, children and parents/carers


  • Children’s progress should be monitored and tracked more rigorously to ensure the appropriate level of support and challenge is being provided to meet individual needs.
  • The policy for learning, teaching and assessment should be reviewed to ensure it provides sufficient guidance for classroom practice and clear expectations regarding the frequency and quality of tasks which evidence progress.
  • Improve approaches to self-evaluation, using a range of data, to ensure all stakeholders identify the strengths and development priorities for the school
  • The roles and responsibilities of the whole management team should be reviewed to ensure clear remits including a very strong focus on improving learning and raising attainment across the school.

Parents are encouraged to become involved in these improvement priorities through the Parent Council / Parent Forum or by watching out for opportunities that are advertised in the School Newsletter.