St Ronan’s Parent Partnership

Parent CouncilThe Parent Partnership is a group of around 10 volunteer parents who have children at St Ronan’s Primary School. We came about as a result of the Scottish Schools (Parental Involvement) Act 2006, which gives parents the right to receive information about their child’s education and to be represented and share views. Initially known as the Parent Council, we renamed ourselves a Parent Partnership in 2015.

Supporting, Connecting, Engaging

A key part of our role is to work with parents to help them connect with the school, and to express their views about the school and Scottish Borders Council proposals.

Promoting partnership between parents, the school, Scottish Borders Council (SBC) and our community
Assisting the work and life of the school to make the experience welcoming and inclusive to all
Raising awareness of teaching methods and how we can support our children through curriculum for excellence
Encouraging involvement in all aspects of our children’s learning and the expression of views about the school and SBC proposals
Nursery up to P7 views represented
Taking an active role in the whole school experience
Supporting our school to be successful and ambitious

Here are some of the things we have done over the past year or two which show the contribution we have made to the school:

  • produced the new school website
  • tested curriculum workshops in numeracy and literacy before being delivered to all the other parents
  • input into the homework policy and the school handbook
  • pushed for improvement in school accommodation (the infants toilets were revamped in response to concerns)
  • provided hand washing & hygiene lessons to all pupils in the school
  • responded to concerns raised about Internet Safety by bringing in the Community Police Officer to talk to parents about the issue
  • represented the school at Scottish Borders Council events and at the Parent Councils Chairs meetings
  • sat on the interview panel for new teaching staff

You’ll find more information about our role on the Education Scotland website.

Parent Partnership Meetings

The Parent Partnership is open to every parent or carer of a child/children at St. Ronan’s and we welcome all parents at our meetings. We meet on a Monday approximately every six weeks during term time, along with Keith Belleville and staff representative Aileen Borthwick. See the school calendar or the school newsletter for the dates of the next meeting.

Minutes from previous Parent Partnership meetings can be viewed on this website as can our constitution.

Who are your Parent Partnership?

The current Parent Partnership members are:

  • Jac Rorie (P1, P4)
  • Rachel McDonald (P2, P4)
  • Liz Kerr (P2)
  • Morag Bramhall (P2)
  • James Paterson (P3)
  • Dom Finn (P4) – Chair
  • Clare Mott (P5, P7)
  • Helen McNeill (P5)
  • Viv Leckie (P7)

If you have any views, ideas or concerns please come and speak to one of us, leave a note in the box at reception, use the contact form below or email us on

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